YSW-180SZ packaging main machine standard configuration:

l  A film reel auto-alignment shaft

l  One set of bottom seal Unit

l  V-sharp Standard Unit

l  An independent bag former

l  Three sets of horizontal sealing unit

l  Two set of vertical sealing unit

l  Servo pouch puller

l  Mechanical scissors

l  Easy tearing notch cutter

l  Set of vacuum bag opening device

l  Automatic material-level control system

l  A Photocell tracking control system

l  A LCD touch-control operation system

l  A PLC control system

l  An automatic control system

l  A 10-digital cold embosser

l  A product outlet system

l  An operation manual in English                                     


Main Machine Electrical and Pneumatic Components

Main Components



Mitsubishi   Japan

Touch Screen

Mitsubishi   Japan


Mitsubishi   Japan

Servo   Motor

Panasonic   Japan


Autonics   Korea

Main Motor

ABB Switzerland

Pneumatic Parts

Airtac   Taiwan

Vacuum Generator

SMC Japan


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